Scouts are Green!!

As we start the new term (Cubs have already started, Scouts starts on Wednesday and, hopefully Beavers will start up again on Wednesday 22nd September)

As you should be aware the Beaver section currently has no leaders – so we need time for adults to step forward to assist in running this section going forward – and for those adults to have time to plan a great programme for our Beavers

The reference to Green in the heading is the “Covid Readiness Level” of Scouting in England.

Green means we are very close to normal running – so we can have face to face meetings, no need for masks etc, and we can go camping. There is still a need to maintain sensible hygiene practices re hand washing etc and to be aware that the virus is still active and needs managing re its transmission.

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Cubs Go Ape……..

The cubs had a fantastic trip to Go Ape on Sunday – the weather wasn’t too unkind and everyone had a great time – check out the photos in the Gallery below.

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One step nearer normality……

From this week all our sections (Beavers Cubs and Scouts) return to meet at the HQ for face to face meetings.

We all hope the the restrictions continue to ease over the next months towards a return to one of the best traditions of scouting – Camping!!

We need to remind all those involved, parents and young people that there are still social distancing rules and everyone needs to follow all the protocols (sanitising, one way systems etc) that we have put in place for everyone’s safety.

Finally now that we are meeting again it has shown us more than ever that we desperately need more uniformed leaders and regular parent helpers. If you have now changed your work patterns to work from home more – why not use some of that time you’ve saved from the commute to volunteer as a leader?

Without more help we will not be able to continue to offer the great experience that scouting offers – being a leader/assistant is a great thing to do for the community as well as providing a great experience for the leader themselves.

If you can help – please to speak to your section leader – remember “many hands make light work”

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Face to Face meetings are getting closer….

Thanks to the continued reduction in Covid stats and success re the “Roadmap”. We are shortly going to be resuming Face to Face meetings – Your section leaders should be in touch soon with outline plans for this.


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Scouting struggles on – despite the pandemic

Just a short message to let you all know that although we have been unable to meet face to face for a lot of 2020 and so far in 2021 – as a group, like many across the UK, we are carrying on, as best we can, to keep beavers, cubs and scouts meeting regularly on Zoom.

We all have to dig in and keep ourselves and everyone else safe by properly following the rules (hands, face, space) in the best traditions of scouting.

If everyone is careful we will get back to what scouts do best and be able to enjoy the outdoor (and indoor) activities that makes scouting such fun at all ages.

We remain optimistic that we will be able to get back to camping this summer, fingers crossed,

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Sorry Folks – Pandemic still here – So no Jumble this October

As you will no doubt have guessed with the lack of advertising and collections etc. that due to current restrictions we cannot hold our October Jumble.

Thank you to all our many regular over the years for all your support and fingers crossed 🤞that things may have improved for March 2021 – but at the moment even that isn’t looking too promising😒😒

Stay Safe……. and we hope to see you all in 2021

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We’re back meeting F2F at Scouts – Huzzah!!!

We have recently restarted the Scout section Face to Face – but only after preparing detailed risk assessments and being approved by District so that our meetings are Covid safe.

Numbers are limited meaning we have split the troop into 2 smaller groups. It will take some time getting used to scouting indoors with facemasks – but all the scouts are thoroughly enjoying doing “physical” not “virtual” scouting.

Weather permitting and with the use of some good lighting we are doing as much as possible outside which means the scouts don’t spend all evening wearing a mask

Here’s hoping that next year we can enjoy scouting in larger groups and maybe even do some camping …..

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All Scouting activities in the UK – suspended

All, please see attached extract from a message sent this evening from Tim Kidd, the UK Scout Chief Commissioner.

Late this afternoon, the Prime Minister has said that everyone in the UK should now avoid non-essential travel and contact with others.

Suspension of face-to-face activities

Given this guidance, all face-to-face Scout meetings, activities and events must be suspended from tomorrow, Tuesday, 17 March 2020. This suspension applies to young people and adults, and will be until further notice.

We must continue to respond to the developing situation in a calm, measured and appropriate way. We will continue to follow official guidance. The safety of everyone involved in Scouts, both young people and adults, is our number one priority. That is always at the heart of our decision making.


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Jumble Sale cancellation – a message from the Chairman and GSL

As you will have seen – we have cancelled this event.


We have not taken this decision lightly as we are well aware that it is not only a financial exercise but also a huge social gathering of the ‘Great and Good’ of those who continue to support 3rd Hampton.  We know this decision will disappoint and so may we explain?


We, the World, still have a lot to learn about Covid 19.  We don’t really know how it is transmitted, infection times, etc. So, we want to minimise any chance of cross infection and also unnecessary extra work to those who did attend the nine days of collecting, sorting, selling and clearing post jumble. This event demands a huge amount of raw labour and graft and with reduced numbers of helpers we thought the extra burden would be too great and, if our customers stay away too, for a much reduced reward.


This is taken against the sad fact that supporter numbers for the jumbles are reducing anyway – hint, hint.

So, we hope you understand our logic, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next jumble on Saturday 10th October with evening collections and sorting week commencing Monday 5th October, when normal service will be resumed.  Book early for a place at the Reunion Jumble, avoid disappointment and place these dates in your diaries NOW! Double HINT, HINT! 


Please pass / transmit / cascade / tell anyone who you know supports these events in any way who may not be on our direct email list or have access to our website.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.


Finally, thank you for your continuing and outstanding support of 3rd Hampton – HUZZAH!


Stay healthy and have a great summer.


Yours sincerely


Andy Bignold (Group Scout Leader) and Rob Mitchell (Chairman)

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Jumble Sale – cancelled

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Jumble Sale scheduled for Saturday 21st March.

The next Jumble Sale will be on Saturday 10th October.

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