County Scout Night Hike – an almost unique event

Well done to the 12 scouts that made up our two teams in the competition. Once tents were set up and the scouts had been fed and given their compasses etc they set off on the hike along with 42 other teams.

Teams were set off at 5 minute intervals from 5.30pm until 9.10pm. Our teams went out at approx 7.30pm and 8.30pm with a target time of 4 hours for the event. Both teams reached the halfway point (Base 3) but like many teams before and after them they struggled to find Base 4.

Like many other teams they were ferried back to the camp site in the early hours by minibus, had a snack and then went off to bed. On Sunday morning it was announced that only 4 of the 44 teams that started managed to complete the course – all the others had dropped out at or before base 3.

Clearly some valuable lessons for all those teams to learn from and build on – such as correct use of the compass and map together and not to simply follow other teams of hi-vis jackets as they are not necessarily any the wiser!

In the end we can be comfortable with a finishing position for both teams of 5th=, albeit along with 38 others!!

The only way for next year is up!!


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