Jumble Sale cancellation – a message from the Chairman and GSL

As you will have seen – we have cancelled this event.


We have not taken this decision lightly as we are well aware that it is not only a financial exercise but also a huge social gathering of the ‘Great and Good’ of those who continue to support 3rd Hampton.  We know this decision will disappoint and so may we explain?


We, the World, still have a lot to learn about Covid 19.  We don’t really know how it is transmitted, infection times, etc. So, we want to minimise any chance of cross infection and also unnecessary extra work to those who did attend the nine days of collecting, sorting, selling and clearing post jumble. This event demands a huge amount of raw labour and graft and with reduced numbers of helpers we thought the extra burden would be too great and, if our customers stay away too, for a much reduced reward.


This is taken against the sad fact that supporter numbers for the jumbles are reducing anyway – hint, hint.

So, we hope you understand our logic, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next jumble on Saturday 10th October with evening collections and sorting week commencing Monday 5th October, when normal service will be resumed.  Book early for a place at the Reunion Jumble, avoid disappointment and place these dates in your diaries NOW! Double HINT, HINT! 


Please pass / transmit / cascade / tell anyone who you know supports these events in any way who may not be on our direct email list or have access to our website.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.


Finally, thank you for your continuing and outstanding support of 3rd Hampton – HUZZAH!


Stay healthy and have a great summer.


Yours sincerely


Andy Bignold (Group Scout Leader) and Rob Mitchell (Chairman)

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