Scouts back under canvas – Huzzah!!

Well done to the 12 scouts that camped at the HQ last weekend to start their scout camping journeys. With great weather the scouts successfully set up their tents, cooking areas and then proceeded to get their wood piles ready for their cooking fires.

In their patrols of 6 they cooked 5 meals on their wood fires – they did two traditional fried breakfasts, a Stir Fry with Noodles, a Vegetable Stew with mash, burgers and fried potatoes, supplemented with puddings of angel delight, apple pie with custard and chocolate swiss roll.

It wasn’t just cooking…. they chopped, sawed and split wood, built some camp gadgets, did plenty of washing up, played games and all worked really well together to make it a great weekend – roll on Water Camp in June….

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